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Super One Bio-sponge Filter


Super One-increase oxygen dissovled,bacterial seeding,directly cultaivate the growth of nitrifying bacteria.

1. Patented air cell structure to dissolve oxygen: compellingly separate water to supply much oxygen with the water.

2. Special beneficial aerobic bacterial colonies formula builds the microorganism filtration directly; to stabilize water with implant abundant benificial bacteria.

3. Comby structure: connected open pores in multi-stratum structure design to cultivate high-density nitrifying bacteria.

4. Cultivate nitrifying bacteria in tank: directly cultivate nitrifying bacteria in aquarium water to make the quickest nitrification and reduction.

5.  Multi-choice: simple to run by connecting with power heads or air pumps. Strong air-lift power, silently and good convection. Please choose the suitable model according to the structure.

6. Mini original design fits for small tank filtration and technically assists for high oxygen dissolved.


1. In order to increase absorption please steep sponge in warm water 20 minutes and press it to squeeze air out before use. Dissolve the active bacteria in the water firstly then add to water.

2. Rinse the sponges in used aquarium water to avoid inactivating the beneficial aerobic bacterial.

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