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    Quarantine tool - prevention is the best cure


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    Key Features

    Experts’ Choice Spacecraft of Nano Germicidal Lamp

    for Algae Removal Generic in freshwater and seawater


    Product Features:

    Prevention is the best cure, ultraviolet wavelength is λ UVC253.7nm. It is widely used in the hospital environment disinfection and quarantine.


    1. Effective Wavelength: The quartz lamp has a light transmittance of 93%, 90% or more of the wavelength is UVC253.7nm Nano Bo of maximum bactericidal effect, instantly sterilizing than chlorine and ozone and other fast.
    1. The Principle of Operation: 253.7nm Nano wavelength can damage the DNA structure of microorganisms to lose their hazard function, commonly used in hospital environment sterilization.
    1. Quarantine tool: Efficient sterilizing can eliminate a variety of planktonic microorganisms such as bacteria in water, white point worms, planktonic algae and green water.
    1. Universal Design: It can be used in fish tank or outside with any height of the diameter ψ12 orψ16mm in circulating water, regardless of the inlet and outlet.
    1. Secure Low Power: Low power design won’t revert nitrous to cause algae storm. The using time may vary depending on the tank size. Mounted on the filter outlet, nitrifying bacteria inhabit in the filter material medium that does not affect the nitrifying bacteria.
    1. Exchangeable Lamp: Easy installation requires no special maintenance, quartz lamps recommends replacement every 1 year.


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