Conch Cooling Fan

Model No.
61-SF14 / 28
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    Key Features

    1. Conch-shaped, mini-design, white-color, space-saving.
    2. Designed for enough air power, small resistance, slight noise, high efficiency and long-life.
    3. Be adjustable to supply air and can be rotated to left or right by 90 degrees at most and freely up or down by 45 degrees to gain an ideal direction for best cooling effect.
    4. Safety: DC12V/International safety DC power supply.

    Make sure the product and its accessories are complete when open the package. In any absence of parts or existence of damages, please contact your dealer quickly for replacement.
    1. Set the switch on the position of "off", loose plastic screw and insert it into the suitable position on fish tank. Then Tighten the screw with hex wrench or enclosed oval plate hand tools.
    2. Take out power transformer, insert power cord to the Fan button. Fix the power cord inside power cord clasp to guarantee operation stability of the Fan.
    3. We suggest that original plug on the wall will be better. Do not use poor quality cord sets or those shared with other equipments.
    4. Keep power cords in order. Connect the power supply, turn on switch to start Conch Cooling Fan.
    5. Take 60cm fish tank as an example, if the room temperature is 30 degrees, this product could decrease water temperature in fish tank about 2 degrees within 2 hours.

    1. Check first whether the product is appropriate for local voltage.
    2. Make sure the power is off before installation and maintenance.
    3. If the product falls into water when using it, first take plug away from power before picking the fan. Deliver it to your dealer directly instead of attempting to repair or use it again.
    4. Do not push or insert anything into ventilation openings.
    5. If you want to cool the water more than 4 degrees, we suggest that our FIVE PLAN chiller machine will be better.
    6. Please keep out of the reach of children.

    1. Please turn off power first.
    2. Clean dust on air inlet in a regular time to guarantee the normal operation.
    3. Do not let the water splashed into the fan to cause an electric short circuit.
    4. Please wrap and store it in a dry place when not using it in Winter. Do not store it in high humidity or damp condition lest reduce the insulation function of coil electrode.
    5. Do not use poor quality cord sets or those shared with other equipments.

    Please read this Warranty carefully to understand your rights and obligations!
    1. Submit proof of purchase and warranty evidencing that your request for service is made within the Warranty Period.
    2. Under normal use and service, we warrants to you for a period of 12 months starting as of the date of your sales receipt.
    3. For any loss caused by quality, please contact us within 7days starting as of the date of incident. The maximum amount of damages can be made in accordance with the value of product.
    4. This Warranty shall not apply and we have no liability under this Warranty if the Product: 4.1 is damaged by Acts of God, human factors or force majeure;
    4.2 is not used in accordance with the accompanying documentation and use instructions;
    4.3 is used outdoors or not for aquarium;
    4.4 is repaired, modified or altered yourself;
    4.5 is damaged by using with incorrect power or voyage.

    Item No.                    :61-AF14 / 61-AF28
    Input Voltage              :230V / 50Hz 110V / 60Hz
    Input Current               :35/37mA
    Output Voltage             :DC 12V
    Rated Output Current    :280/300mA
    Rated Output Watt        :3.3W/3.6w
    Max Output Watt          :4.8W/4.8w
    Horizontal Adjustable    :360¢X
    Vertical Adjustable        :45¢X
    Suitable Tank              :10mm¡õ
    Rotor                          :61-SF28Big & 61-SF14Small
    Dimensions                  :128X116X54mm / 153X146X69mm