CO2 Power Atomizer

  • Model No.:61-TPA300/400
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Key Features

Taiwan aqua CO2 system manufacturers.

CO2 Power Atomizer

61-TPA300(for tank 90cm) / 61-TPA400 for tank120cm

CO2 can be power compressed and mixed to diffuse all over the tanks evenly and rapidly.

Mix Fast / Atomization / Proliferation

1.Patent multi-exchange-open design can ensure rapid atomization, no air-blocking or idle operation and can make it adjust the CO2 level as high as (even more) 20 bubbles per second.
2. Patent powered multi-layer compression design can force CO2 to be mixed and atomized as tiny bubbles, which can be evenly diffused and directly absorbed from the aqua. plant leaves.
3. Patent repeatedly-mix design can avoid the problem that the CO2 dissolution rate may differ due to temperature changes. Once the macromolecule CO2 can be recycled and remixed, the cylinders' -life may be prolonged.
4. The surface-skimmer design: Standing upside down 1cm below the water level, it can skim dissolved proteins to curb nutrient buildup and maintain good water quality.
5.Multifuctional design: Depend on personal demand, it can be applied to any tank at any angle.