Aluminum Alloy Refillable CO2 Cylinder-DIN477

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Please read the entire instructions prior to use.

Aluminum Alloy Refillable Cylinder for CO2 only

Explosion Warning: Heat, fire or impact damage may cause cylinder rupture.

Any improper use, filling, storage or disposal of this cylinder may result in death, personal injury or property damage.

1. Use 6061 aluminum alloy, process with T4 Solution Heat Treatment and T6 Precipitation Aging; cylinder must be strong and anti-caustic.

2. Please store and use only in cool, well ventilated areas. Do not store cylinder in direct sunlight or in a closed vehicle as this may cause rupture.

3. Do not dismantle or alter the cylinder or valve in any way. Do not remove or cover this label.

4. Please do not over-pressurize, or expose to fire and temperatures in excess of 130℉/54℃.

5. Cylinder is designed to be filled only with CO2 and only by properly trained personnel.

6. Do not fill more than 2.1kg(24oz).

7. Do not use oil or grease on valve.

8. Clean with water, do no use caustic cleaners.

9. Keep out of reach of children.

10. Please check with your local authority for disposal and recycling information.

11.The peice is without shipping charge.

Made in Taiwan DOT3AL Approval // European TPED Certificate

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