4 in 1 CO2 Monitor & Diffuser-M

Model No.
61S-C056090 M
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Key Features

1.Full functional design: Four functions in one design which includes monitor, check valve, bubble counter and diffuser. Integrate traditional parts and simplify aquarium view. 
2.Replaceable design: Sophisticated ceramic plate entirely diffusers CO2 in water to encourge photosynthesis. Easy to take apart, clean and replace.
3.Integration design: ¡§Monitor egg¡¨ at bottom part can easily evaluate the discharged CO2 volumn and can operate individually. Easy to replace ceramic plate. Double check valves to assure no backflow and extend the life span of aluminum cylinder.
4.Anti-fold inlet: L type connecter with side screw inlet prevents to fold hose and connect it firmly.
5.Refinement appearance: Egg shape streamline appearance, transparancy, acid and alkali resistance and durable. 

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